Silverbird Group

Silverbird Group is a world class media and entertainment company with over 4 decades of providing wholesome family entertainment via Television and Radio stations, live shows, pageants, cinemas, entertainment centers, and Real Estate.
Over the last 40 years, the Silverbird Group has grown to become one of the most influential and respected entertainment conglomerates in West Africa.

Silverbird Film Distribution continues to be the resource for some of the most invigorating voices in modern cinemas. Our quest is to engage an ever-expanding audience with a rich variety of films that range from box-office hits to academy award-winning dramas and comedies.

Meet The Directors

Ben Murray-Bruce
He is the founder and driving force behind the Silverbird Group, and a visionary who revolutionized the Nigerian Media and Entertainment Industry.  He established Silverbird over 40 years ago and remains a leader in the Media and Entertainment Industry.
Guy Murray-Bruce
He is a veteran in the Media and Entertainment Industry, the National Director for Miss World as well as Miss Universe Pageant, and the Chairman of the Independent Broadcasting Association of Nigeria.  He oversees the local and international operations of the Silverbird Group, including the establishment, growth and expansion of Silverbird businesses globally.
Stella Albright
Director, Global Operations
She oversees the global operations of the Silverbird Group, with responsibilities of advising on overall strategy and implementation of the vision of the Group in the areas of Film Distribution and Cinema operations.
Jonathan Murray-Bruce
Executive Director
He has held progressive positions as a leader in the Silverbird Group - General Manager, Silverbird Cinemas, and Executive Director of the Silverbird Group. He currently oversees the operations of Dream Magic studios in Los Angeles, California, USA.